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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Linda Mason Crawford holds a bachelor and master’s degree from Jackson State University and a post graduate certification from Walden University. She is a Professor of English at McLennan Community College, where she is also the coordinator of the college’s Integrated Reading and Writing program. In addition, she is the co-owner and editor of the Central Texas newspaper, The Anchor News and the author of her newly released book, God, Destiny, and a Glass of Wine. She and her husband, J.L., reside in Waco, Texas. They have four adult children.

As a Bible teacher, conference, workshop and motivational speaker, Linda travels extensively sharing her experiences of God’s grace that set her free from oppression, depression, and life threatening circumstances. Whether she is ministering through the prophetic, the ministry of song, or her entrepreneurship skills, the anointing on her life and her stimulating humor open the hearts of many to receive healing, encouragement, and a different outlook on life.  

Linda is best known for her teachings on creating our world with our words and staying away from negative environments. “Words are so important,” she says.  “You can praise Him to your victory or whine to your defeat, and if you run into a negative person, KEEP RUNNING!”

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